Missions Discipleship Training



Check out this new MDT video made by our friends at media village missions in Cape Town. Sums up exactly what MDT is all about.


Love without words

There was a special connection with her even though they didn’t speak the same language. Perhaps because love transcends the barriers of language, especially with children. Fion did not even manage to get her name, but found herself drawn to the childlike innocence of this little girl in Lesotho. She...


Standing firm and looking forward

Her family always struggled financially so when the opportunity came for her to be married, they sent her into the arms of a violent man. It was just after her 11th birthday when her 35 year old, distant cousin offered her family a dowry of $150 USD to marry her....


MMT week

Here’s a glimpse into our Missions Mobilising training week that took place last week!